Capture Your Grief -Day 9. In Memory

Today’s picture is something you have done in memory of your child like a tattoo or a piece of jewellery etc…

I considered a tattoo for a hot second to commemorate Kadin’s short life but tattoos are just not for me, I change my mind a lot and while I may LOVE something today I quickly hate it tomorrow and tattoos are very permanent. Once  I really thought about it I realized that Kadin had left a very big, very permanent scar on my body, the c-section scar was the true memory of him, it told his story better than a foot print with his name under it ever could.

Funny/weird story about jewellery……when we meet with the funeral coordinator in order to pick out babies’ urn (the most surreal moment in my life) she gave us two catalogs; one with the “baby urn section” and one all about jewellery. I sat there staring at her as she gave me the sales pitch for a set that included earrings, a ring and a necklace and in each piece I could have some of Kadin’s ashes put into it. All I could think was, what piece of him would be in the ring? a toe? an arm? what if I lost it? what if I lost a part of my son! the second she left the room I looked at Pat and he said ” I don’t want any fucking jewellery! I don’t want our son in pieces!” I agreed. I think it’s good to have these options as some people find comfort in “wearing” their loved one, but it was not for us.

I still wanted  something, nothing that screamed “remembrance jewellery” again not for me. November 2012 Pat and I were walking browsing some cute store when I went into a local store called Sterling, click here for some amazing picture of the store (I welcome presents from here! :))  that has some beautiful delicate pieces and found this necklace:


Not the best picture…



Rocking my necklace!

Rocking my necklace!

I LOVE IT, it’s so delicate and perfect, 3 little circles that represent my 3 babies (Kadin, Keiren and Andy) and since Pat was feeling generous he also let me have this beautiful ring, This is my glamorous “In Memory”.

Circle of love with some sparkle in it!

Circle of love with some sparkle in it!






One thought on “Capture Your Grief -Day 9. In Memory

  1. I hate that you had to make this decision, however, I have to tell you, this jewellery was such a good choice. It is simplistic but absolutely beautiful on so many levels. I am so incredibly proud of you. You are one classy lady.


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